Written on August 22nd, 2012 by Chad Sweely

Just recently, in our support inbox, we have been receiving a lot of requests from various businesses asking to take down their listing due to the recent Google algorythm changes pertaining to Google Penguin and Google Panda. One of the premises of these updates is that Google (in Webmaster Tools) will display the backlinks pointed to your profile, and which of the backlinks pointing to your site are not that credible.

To resolve this issue, we here at the iEntry Network have made all of our listings in all of our directories include the nofollow attribute when linking from our directory to your website. This includes all of the directories and search engines that are listed under the “Directory WhitePages” on the iEntry Directory Portal blog.

To view that the listing for your website includes the nofollow attribute, all that you have to do is to view the source code of the current page your listing is on in your browser. There are also various browser add-ons (listed below) that you can use to see if a link on a website is either nofollow or dofollow:

If you ever encounter an iEntry Network directory or specific listing that does not include the nofollow attribute, please let our support team know about this so that we can update our directory in a timely matter.

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